Lateral Patrol Deputy Information

Close up of Sheriff's Patch and Car


($29.20 - $35.35)

Essential Duties:

Salary and Benefits:  

  • Salary dependent on how many years of current police service.
  • Intermediate Certification pay is 4% extra incentive
  • Advanced Certification pay is 8% extra incentive
  • Education incentives:  1% Associates and 2% Bachelor’s 
  • Front loaded 80 hours of vacation leave and 80 hours of sick leave
  • Group insurance rates include: County paid Long Term Disability, Basic Life Insurance Coverage, Statutory Life Coverage (for eligible employees) and Accidental Death & Disability.
  • Current DCLEA Insurance Rates found here:  DCLEA Insurance Rates
  • HRA VEBA accounts county contribution of $212 per month.
  • PERS and optional deferred comp provided

 How Do You Apply:

 Fill out the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Lateral Deputy application found here:  LATERAL DEPUTY

You will be contacted for an interview with the hiring board.  If selected to move forward:

  • Must pass the pre-employment drug test and physical
  • Must pass psychological
  • Must pass the pre-employment background check. Please see Disqualifiers here: Disqualifiers
  • Must provide proof of current certification