About the Douglas County Jail

An important function of the Douglas County jail is to protect the public from dangerous people and to keep the inmates safe. We provide rehabilitative opportunities such as RSAT, job and life skill education. 

By incarcerating offenders, they serve consequences for their actions. Victims and the general public are protected. The facility's capacity is 283 beds, however due to inmate classification spacing requirements and staffing levels, the maximum number of inmates which can be held at any given time can fluctuate. The jail averages 6,552 bookings per year.


The Douglas County Sheriff's Office Jail consists of:

  • 1 Corrections LieutenantDouglas County Jail Officers in a Hallway
  • 4 Corrections Sergeants
  • 2 Corrections Corporals
  • 29 Deputies
  • 1 Transport Deputy
  • 2 Front Desk Clerks