Special Services Unit

Sheriff Truck by a PondThe Special Services Unit is an extension of the Patrol Division. The unit consists of deputies assigned to Animal Control, Marine Patrol, Search and Rescue and Timber Patrol. The unit is overseen by Lieutenant Brad O'Dell.

Animal Control

This unit is responsible for the investigation and enforcement of animal related state and local laws. Douglas County encourages responsible pet ownership. There is one deputy assigned to Animal Control who works closely with an Animal Control Cadet (volunteer) and local partner agencies.

Marine Patrol

Marine Patrol is responsible for promoting boating safety and the enforcement of boating laws on the waterways within Douglas County. 80% of the funding for Marine Patrol comes from the Oregon State Marine Board while Douglas County provides a 20% match. There are two full-time deputies assigned to this unit.

Search & Rescue

Per state statute, the Sheriff of each county is responsible for all search and rescue activities within their jurisdiction. Douglas County has a very robust search and rescue program which consists of 2 full-time deputies and many highly trained volunteers. Douglas County's SAR program consists of various specialty groups including ground search teams, mountain rescue, 4x4 and more.

Timber Patrols

The Sheriff's Office holds contracts with the United States Forest Service (USFS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Douglas Timber Operators (DTO) for enhanced law enforcement services on federal and private timber lands. This currently includes:

  • 1 full-time Diamond Lake USFS Resident Deputy
  • 1 full-time BLM Deputy
  • 1 full-time DTO Deputy

Additionally, Douglas County Solid Waste contributes funding for a full-time deputy to investigate illegal dumping cases. This deputy also performs enforcement and investigative functions related to violations of county ordinances and crimes involving county property.