ATV Diversion Program

The goal of the Douglas County ATV Safety Program is to reduce ATV related accidents, injuries and enforcement actions by providing an information and education program that promotes safe and responsible ATV use.

The Douglas County ATV Diversion Program gives citizens who receive eligible citations on the sand near Winchester Bay, the opportunity to enter a diversion program. If the diversion program is successfully completed, the citation can be dismissed.


If you received a citation for an ATV related offense and you are looking for the Douglas County ATV Diversion Program you are in the right place. Completing the ATV Diversion Program is a 3 step process:

  1. Register for the ATV Safety Course
  2. Complete the ATV Safety Course
  3. Pay the course fee

Completing the Course

Once we receive confirmation of your completion of the course we will notify the court. You must complete the course or notify the court by your court date.