Nuisance / Neglect Investigations

It is unlawful to own or keep a dangerous or vicious dog or a dog that is a public nuisance. A vicious dog is one that bites people or other domestic animals or demonstrates a propensity to act harmfully to people and/or animals. Examples of dogs that are public nuisances include dogs that:

  • Destroy property of others
  • Disturb the peace
  • Bark excessively
  • Scatter garbage
  • Chase people or vehicles
  • Any female in heat and running at large

Dogs Running at Large

It is unlawful for any dog to run at large in this county. This includes any dog that is off the owner's/keeper's premises, not restrained, or under the immediate command and control of the owner/keeper. Any dog found running at large may be impounded. Redemption fees and fines will then be charged.


If you have a problem with someone's dog, you may file a complaint with us and we will investigate. We need the dog owner's/ keeper's name, address, description of the dog, and the nature of the problem.

Cruelty & Neglect

It is unlawful to commit acts of cruelty and neglect to animals. This includes abuse; neglect; abandonment; deprivation of food, drink, or adequate and humane shelter; or confinement in a motor vehicle under conditions that endanger the health or well-being of the animal. We investigate reports of these conditions.

Please visit our Dog Law page for additional information.