Notice to Concealed Handgun License Holders

Published: 3/6/2009

Dear Concealed Handgun License Holder,

There is currently a statewide issue regarding the disclosure of the names, addresses and other identifying information of people who have concealed handgun licenses that affects you. Essentially, the media and other groups are asking for lists of information about all the people who hold concealed handgun licenses.

As your sheriff, I refuse to disclose that information because I believe many people obtain a concealed handgun license for personal security and would not want that information made public. I also resist disclosing personal information because of the continuing identity theft risks.

Despite my belief (shared by sheriffs across Oregon), an Oregon court recently decided that there is no evidence that people obtain concealed handgun licenses for security measures. The court ordered the Jackson County Sheriff to disclose a list of all the concealed handgun license holders in his county to the local newspaper. The case is now before the Oregon Court of Appeals.

While I believe you obtained your concealed handgun license as a security measure and that you do not want that information disclosed with your name, address and other personal information, I need to hear from you on this issue to help me defend your privacy in this matter.

Please complete the form at the bottom of this letter as soon as possible. If you want your name and other information to remain confidential, simply complete the form and mail or return it to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Concealed Handgun License unit. Thank you for your cooperation.


John Hanlin
Douglas County Sheriff

Attachment/Link: Protection from release of personal information form