DCSO Sandrail

Published: 8/8/2007

Over approximately the last 3 years, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has been involved in a project to construct a sandrail (dune buggy) to patrol the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area in Winchester Bay. The project has finally been completed and the new sandrail is now patrolling the dunes in Winchester Bay.

The cost of the project has reached nearly $70,000.00 and was raised entirely from donations by over 60 private citizens and businesses both locally and throughout several states. The bulk of the actual construction was donated and completed by Fab-Tec Sandrails out of Auburn Washington and several volunteers. The sandrail will be one of the only law enforcement dedicated sandrails in the state.

Having a sandrail to patrol the dunes gives the deputies the ability to safely remove intoxicated suspects arrested for DUII from areas of the dunes that are inaccessible by the normal patrol pickups. It can also be used in emergencies to evacuate accident victims to the roadways to meet a waiting ambulance. The specialized suspension on the sandrail will also greatly decrease the response time of a deputy responding to any emergency on the dunes.