Corrections - Home Monitoring

These inmates are monitored by an Electronic Surveillance Program, and have strict qualifying guidelines and rules that must be followed.

These inmates have a job in Douglas County and are allowed to go to work each day, but must remain at their residence at ALL other times.  To ensure this, they are connected to an Electronic Surveillance system that is active 24 hours a day. 

Inmates are subject to urinalysis tests to ensure no alcohol or drugs are being used.  They are also subject to residence checks to ensure illegal activity is not being conducted.  

For more information on this program you can contact the Home Monitoring Deputy at 464-6301.

Home Monitoring Criteria:

  • The inmate can not have a Class A or B felony that is a person crime.
  • No inmate with a record of crimes against children (for this purpose children are defined as those juveniles under 15 years of age).
  • No inmate serving time for a domestic violence related crime.
  • No escape charges.
  • The inmate must be sentenced.
  • There must not be any holds for other agencies or outstanding charges pending.
  • No inmate with a Major Violation in the past year.
  • No inmate with a Disciplinary Action for the past six (6) months.
  • The inmate must be able to pass a UA test before starting the program.


  • Employment must be in Douglas County.
  • Employment must be verified by a pay stub produced from the last pay period.
  • Must be recommended for work release by the sentencing court.
  • Must have been employed for no less that thirty (30) days prior to entry into the program and have a work history of good attendance.
  • Employment must be five (5) days a week with a stable schedule. Changes in schedule must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the change and this change is subject to rejection by the Home Monitoring deputy or a sergeant.
  • At the start of the program, a non-refundable thirty dollars ($30) must be deposited with the Jail to cover the costs of the UA's.
  • The inmate must be able to have an acceptable sponsor who will be available to assist the inmate in obtaining personal necessities such as groceries, prescriptions and do banking.
  • The inmate in this program must agree to be subject to "home confinement" based on the prearranged schedule. Any deviation from this schedule, without prior approval, will be cause for termination from the program. Home visits by Douglas County deputies will be a part of the program and refusal to agree to this, or later denial to the inmate's place of residence, is a reason for denial or termination of participation by the inmate.
  • Alcohol and/or drug use by the inmate, or by anyone associated with the inmate's residence, is a reason for denial and/or termination of participation in the program. The inmate agrees to submit to a UA or alcohol test at any time, with or without a reason, and any failure or refusal is cause for termination from the program.
  • The inmate must be able to pay a sum equal to one (1) hour of his/her rate of pay, or a minimum of ten dollars ($10),   per day for every day they are on the home monitoring program. If their sentence is 15-29  days the cost is $15.00 per day or one (1) hour of his/her rate of pay whichever is greater. If their sentence is 1-14  days the cost is $25.00 per day or one (1) hour of his/her rate of pay whichever is greater. The inmate must pay two (2) weeks in advance beginning with the first day of the program. Thereafter they must pay every other week until completion of the program.
  • The inmate must have a telephone at the residence with NO phone features, (eg.,call waiting, caller ID, voice mail, internet service, or call forwarding services).  The phone must have long distance service with no long distance blocks on it.
  • Inmates approved for Home Monitoring will sign an agreement with Douglas County Corrections that will outline the rules and restriction of this program.