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8/5/2016 | Coastal Preparedness Survey

This survey is part of a coll... Read More

7/18/2016 | Umpqua River Water Safety
On a hot summer’s day, the rivers in Dougla... Read More
5/5/2016 | Citizen Emergency Notification System - Register your cell phone here
Now you can register your VoIP and cellular phones... Read More
4/2/2016 | Prescription and OTC Drug Collection Program
Residents may drop off prescription or over-the-co... Read More
4/1/2016 | Schedule Your Concealed Weapon and Fingerprint Appointments Online
You can now schedule your concealed weapon or fing... Read More
3/31/2016 | Hang Up on Con Artists
Ever wonder why there are so many cons, scams... Read More
3/1/2016 | Domestic Violence

The Douglas County Sheriff's ... Read More

2/1/2016 | Help Emergency Responders Find You
When you need to call 9-1-1 because you have ... Read More
9/4/2015 | Search and Rescue Recruitment
The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is curr... Read More
4/22/2015 | 2014 DCSO Year End Report
The Douglas County Sheriff's Office has developed ... Read More
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